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Diabetes Support Group

Where: St. Luke’s Miners Campus Community Room (Ground Floor)
When: Thursdays 6 till 7 pm. Just drop in. Registration is not required.
Dates: April 27 | May 25 | June 22 | July 27 | Aug 24 | Sept 28 | Oct 26 | Nov 30

What is the Support Group?
The Group is for patients and families or friends with diabetes. The group meets  to socialize and learn to deal with problems related to the diabetes  by emphasizing what can be done rather than what can’t be done.  The group may give new hope and insight to those involved.

Who can join?
The group is open to all interested people.

What are the goals of the Support Group?

  • Learn about diabetes, its causes and effects
  • Increase self-help, problem-solving and prevention measures
  • Provide a resource group to diabetic patients and their families
  • Provide encouragement regarding mutual problems and accomplishments

Socialization: Reduce feelings of isolation